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    NAS Key West, FL Museums

    The Mel Fisher Maritime Museum boasts treasures and pieces of historic shipwrecks from the 1500s discovered off the Florida Keys in the 1970s, on display for the world to see.

    The Key West Lighthouse and Keeper's Quarters Museum is an 88-step lighthouse with artifacts from some its keepers on display, such as diaries, photos, and personal items, dating back to the first keeper in 1826. It is one of the older lighthouses in the United States, having been built in 1825.

    The Ernest Hemingway House was the home of the Nobel Prize winning Ernest Hemingway for ten years and was where he did a lot of his writing. The house is architecturally beautiful and unique, but one of the most interesting things about the house may be the 40 cats that roam the grounds and are descendents of one of Hemingway's own extra-toed pet cats.

    The Key West Shipwreck Museum tells the story of Key West's shipwrecks through historic artifacts, actors and films. Also featured is the rediscovery of the Isaac Allerton ship that had sunk off the key in 1856 and, when discovered in 1985, was the richest shipwreck in Key West's history!

    The Oldest House and Garden is exactly what it sounds like- the oldest house in Key West and much of South Florida. For a while this was the home of Captain Francis Watlington, a local sea captain and "wrecker"- someone who trolled for shipwrecks and pulled out the sunken treasure.

    Truman's Little White House was originally started as officers' quarters for the naval station, but it soon turned into the "winter White House" for President Truman when he needed to get away from Washington for his health. It was used by Truman and 5 other Presidents and now serves as a Key West museum and historical site.

    Fort East Martello is a brick fort built in the Italian Martello style in the 1860s for the Civil War. It was designed to be impenetrable, but it never saw action. Now the fort houses military memorabilia, Key West historical artifacts, and the largest collections of scrap metal sculptures by Stanley Papio and wood carvings and drawings by Mario Sanchez in all of Florida.

    Southernmost Point is a giant, colorful buoy that serves as a marker for- you guessed it- the southernmost point in the continental United States. Although it is not technically the most southern, this is the furthest point accessible to the public and is naturally a huge tourist spot and one of the most photographed places in Key West.